How many times have you said that to yourself?

And When You Do (Very) Occasionally Hike You Find Yourself:

tired hiker

✅ Being the one left behind - and when you finally do catch up, the rest of your group takes off while you're gasping for air.

✅ Being super embarrassed by how out of shape you are.

✅ Thinking "But this was supposed to be an easy hike".

✅ Questioning the sanity of people who actually think this is fun

✅ Coming up with creative excuses to so you can quit without feeling like a failure.

✅ Thinking "I'll never be a real hiker anyway, so what's the point?"

✅Wondering how long it will take someone to find you after you get lost in the woods .

✅Thinking "What was that? At the sound of every branch cracking.

I get it. Because that was me when I first started hiking, and then me again after I got COVID last year.

Hi, I'm Laurel. I was so slow that “hikers” smoking a cigarette would easily overtake me while smugly comparing their jeans and cotton t-shirt to my full hiking gear. The less polite ones would actually laugh loud enough that I could hear it.


And then on one hike when one too many smokers had laughed at me, it was too much. I broke down sobbing just off the trail. I knew I didn’t have it in me to reach the challenging peak that I could have easily done the year before, but I was so embarrassed. I didn’t want to wreck the day for my boyfriend, but I had no choice but to turn around, like a puppy with its tail between its legs.

As I sulked on the train ride back home looking at all the mountains that would be too hard for me to hike, I realized

Hiking was making me miserable! ☹️

Hiking had been my way to revitalize to relieve stress, to get creative ideas for over 20 years and in multiple countries. Now it was just making me feel pathetic.

I decided that I could either a) stop hiking - a rather shocking idea considering it’s been my favourite thing to do for years and that I own a hiking company or b) find a way to make it enjoyable again.

Spoiler Alert: I choose the latter.

I dug out my fail-proof 5-point method for choosing hikes that I’d developed years ago when I first started hiking. It had served me then and has served countless others who I've shared it with over the years, and it served me again - immediately.

On my next hike, I enjoyed hiking again for the first hike in months. I still cried, but this time, it was tears of joy as I reached the summit (admittedly smaller than what I’d normally do).
Instead of feeling exhausted, I felt energized. Instead of feeling like my lungs were going to burst out of my chest at any moment, I felt my heart pounding but could still hold a conversation.

And it’s available to you today.

In Hiking 101 You'll Discover How to Actually Enjoy Hiking and Learn How To:

woman hiker on her first hike

Prepare For Your Hike

  • my 5-point secret method for choosing the perfect hike - even if you're out of shape

  • how to avoid the top 3 mistakes when hiking with friends - so that you're never left behind again

  • how to find the best hikes near you - so that you actually enjoy your hike

  • how to find a hiking buddy - meet new people that may become lifelong friends (or more)

  • and much more
woman hiker on her first hike

Know What To Do During Your Hike

  • what to eat when hiking - so that you feel amazing!

  • how to make your hike easier when you're gasping for breath - so that you'll love your hike

  • what to do if you run into a bear - gain the confidence that you know the right thing to do

Know What Actions to Take After Your Hike

  • why you should keep a hiking logbook

  • how to reduce muscle soreness - learn my simple method so that you can walk the next day


  • what gear is essential and what is optional - saving you hundreds of dollars on gear you don't need

  • the first 3 pieces of hiking gear you should buy - without breaking the bank

  • my top tips for choosing the right gear for you - to help you avoid painful blisters and ill-fitting gear

Just $37 instead of $149 when you sign up for the hiking for beginners online class
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This is for you if you’ve tried hiking and didn't enjoy it or want to try hiking but think you’re too out of shape or that your friends will be stuck waiting for you.

I’m sure you have questions. After all, it sounds too good to be true. So let me address some of those now:

FAQs about hiking for beginner online course

1) How am I going to get in shape by my next hike?

While I do share some of my favourite ways to get in shape, this isn't a workout program, but instead teaches you how to choose the perfect hiking trail for you according to your current fitness and skill level. That's the secret to enjoying hiking.

2) What's the format of the workshop?

The content is online in video format. You can do it anytime that's convenient for you.

3) I'm a complete newbie. Is this workshop for me?

Absolutely! This course is designed for people who haven't hiked much or at all. After completing this workshop, you'll be able to choose the perfect hiking trail for you.

3) How long does the workshop take?

It takes just over 90 minutes, + 40 minutes for the hiking gear guide. It's designed with no fluff to get you out on the trail as soon as possible.

4) When does the workshop start and finish?

You can start it anytime and do it according to your schedule. You'll have lifetime access as it's available.

5) Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if for any reason you're not satisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Just $37 instead of $149 when you sign up for the hiking for beginners online class
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